Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Z is for...Z-A in May

As I was scouring thorough blogosphere, I came across another month long challenge. However, I am a little bit late (far too many zzzzz's over the long bank holiday weekend) so today will play catch up.
The challenge, hosted by Marie Anne, is to blog through May, starting at Z and ending up at A. Not only have I signed up here, but I will also be blogging @ On...Love, Life & Everything in Between and Fudge Me! Clearly a glutton for punishment.

Looks as though there will be a lot less extra zzzz's for me this month.


  1. Ok, you're way too cool, for me. I need the rest. Going to be launching a whole new product this month and have to focus! Will be watching you, though! Have fun!

  2. I'm selfishly glad you've taken it on, I enjoy your photos so much! :)