Sunday, 6 February 2011

4...The Hummingbird Bakery

If you love cupcakes, you will love the Hummingbird Bakery. And I love cupcakes so this weekend I made the journey to Notting Hill to get me a little sweet treat.
The Hummingbird Bakery has been in Portobello road since 2004 and is the perfect place to buy freshly made, beautifully decorated cakes. Of course there is a wonderful selection of cupcakes but as well as these little yummy treats, the bakery also makes and sells a variety of layer cakes and American pies.
With the cakes made in store, the aroma as you walk in is just divine and the staff were friendly and patient even though they were very busy. (As expected; they do have shelves full of tasty treasure after all.)

As well as this bakery in Notting Hill, there are also branches in South Kensington, with a red velvet seating area and another in Soho which displays cupcake pop art. Both sound like a great place to visit and I now have perfect excuse to buy a few more scrumptious cakes. (This blog really is beginning to get quite difficult; sweets from Hope and Greenwood one week, cupcakes another. What have I signed up for?)

With my Red Velvet bought, I escaped the hustle and bustle of Portobello Market and made my way to Green Park to enjoy the rewards of my journey. (I took great care on the tube and held my little box very close to my chest, looking slightly strange perhaps but I wasn't taking any chances.)

I took my first bite and was pleased to know that the Red Velvets I made at home a few months ago tasted just as they should. Absolutely heavenly. And until I am able to get back to one of these little sugary sanctuaries, I can rest assured knowing that with my Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook I can have a little bit of Hummingbird heaven whenever my heart (and belly) desires.

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  1. Jeez I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hummingbird Bakery! (and their cookbook)!!!

    My favourite: Red Velvet Cupcake