Sunday, 30 January 2011

3...Hope and Greenwood

Valentine's day is just around the corner and what better present to get your sweetheart than a bag of sweet goodies from the old fashioned traditional sweet shop, Hope and Greenwood.

Or if you are like myself with no sweetheart to give to but a very big sweet tooth to feed then this is the perfect place to go.

You will find Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood behind the counter of their 1940's esque sweetshop in the heart of London, where the shelves are full of colourful glass jars, oozing of nostalgia. With everything from fudge and toffees to gums and jellies, there truly is something for everyone.

As well as their store in Covent Garden, they have another tucked away in Dulwich, South East London, and this is where I ventured to this morning.

Inside this quaint little shop you will find every kind of confectionery needed to take you back to your childhood; you can't help but feel like a big kid, wanting one of everything. (Luckily I resisted this urge...only just!)
The thing I love most about this shop is the feeling you get of being in a sweetshop from yesteryear. From the music playing, to the retro style tins that some of the delicious delights come in, it all feels very charming and is a true labour of love.

Complete with scrumptious seasonal delights such as Valentine's day strawberry buttons, Easter eggs, candy skulls at Halloween or toffee snowballs at Christmas, there is always a great excuse to pop in. Or you could be like me and celebrate Monday's Coconut Mushrooms,Tuesday's Toffee Bonbons, Wednesday's Winter Mix, Thursday's Terrific Toffees, Friday's Flying Saucers, Saturday's Splendid Marzipan Fruits and Sunday's Giant Strawberries...just don't tell your dentist.

And now I must dash as I have some sweet treats awaiting.

Oooh, one last thing I wanted to share, not only did I buy some sugary supplies, I also picked up this box. I'm not entirely sure what I will use it for just yet, but it seemed to be a perfect little find whilst out on my London adventures. Perhaps I will put little keepsakes from my hot spots inside, starting with this adorable little badge.


  1. Candy stores always make me feel like a kid again. I wish I could transport myself to London to visit that sweetshop. It looks darling.

  2. It's settled. If I ever get to London, you're going to have to be my tour guide, because you know where all the sweets are.