Tuesday, 5 April 2011

E is for...Elephant Parade

I elephants.

And last year there were hundreds of them all over London!

That is, acrylic ones. They were errected throughout the city, to raise awareness of the growing threat of extintion these wonderful mammals face. When the 260 strong herd was autioned off, at the end of the summer, an amazing 4.1 million pounds was raised. Hardly peanuts, is it?!

But before they were sold, Londoners and tourists were able to see the beautifully decorated creatures all around town. Right across the city, from Bayswater to Greenwich, there was an elephant to be seen.

And here are some of my favourite shots from last summer's Elephant Parade...


  1. How fun of you to share these! We did the same thing here in NC and my pigs were chosen for placement in the town of Goldsboro. It's a great project and benefits so many. The elephants are gorgeous.

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  2. Wow, some of those were intricately done! Glad you photographed so many.

  3. neat post....I love the pix!!!

  4. Those are awesome! I was lucky enough to be in Liverpool 3 years ago to see the lambbananas that were erected all over the city and they were sepectacular - I'm only sad I didn't get a chance to see these in person. Wonderful pics though!

  5. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
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  6. Oh, I do love these. Here in Nova Scotia they did a similar thing with lobsters which, as you may be aware, aren't nearly as cute but I suppose appropriate.
    Nice blog!Jan Morrison

  7. Oh my goodness, I was too busy stalking (erm...enjoying?) your other blog to notice this. LOVE elephants, and these are amazing!

    - allison writes

  8. These are amazing; Thanks so much for sharing! My Mom collects elephants! Where I am from they have bears like this in the city and down near the Outer Banks, they have horses with wings, Pegasus.

  9. These elephants are amazing. Thanks for sharing! I've never thought of elephants as being as interesting as they are in this parade of elephants!
    From My Classroom Window

  10. I love the elephant decorated as a jungle!

    Sounded like a great campaign!

    Duncan In Kuantan